I T ’ S  F I N E  T O  B E  W E I R D .


Cate Blanchett by Sean & Seng

literally everyone around me is like “have you heard if this band, the arctic monkeys??? listen to r u mine its such a great song”

I can overwhelm people with my feelings. It’s been a problem of mine since I was a kid. I’ve got to write. It’s an unspoken thing. I want to be loved for something I am. I’m easily hurt, which is why I know I can’t pay attention to my press.
Jeff Buckley (via lettimestandstill)
Different People
No Doubt

Different People | No Doubt

pippi longstocking is the first book i ever read i love it so much am i a loser for considering it my favourite book

By Ulf Bjerre 


Melissa Auf der Maur - Los Angeles, CA

I'm a Villain


I’m A Villain | Nas

You want to talk to God? Let’s go see him together, I’ve got nothing better to do.


Iggy Pop photographed by Eric Rudolph/St.Marks Place, N.Y.C./May 1971

god the whole thing where someone adds you on facebook and then proceeds to talk and even flirt with you when they’ve never actually met you is so weird and i dont wanna be a part of it


Stanley Kubrick  -  One-Point Perspective

compositions in which spatial planes converge at one vanishing point in the distance creating a sense that we are trapped within the scene rather than merely watching it. x

Every Man Gets His Wish
Lana Del Rey


He loves my heart shaped sunglasses. He loves the heart shape my ass is.

Every Man Gets His Wish // Lana Del Rey

one thing i fucking hate is when average guys don’t hesitate to lust after the hottest girls. like i’d be frowned upon if i pursued the hottest guy because i’m an average girl, but some fuckin nerd thinks he’s entitled to hot women’s attention like hellooooo

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